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Every Day People
Thu, Oct 31
Bane Gallery
Oct 31, 2019, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Bane Gallery, 117 Grattan St, # 307, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA
Bane Gallery is excited to announce our inaugural exhibition with Brooklyn Based artist David Lyle and his newest series of paintings titled "Everyday People" Opening Reception, October 31, Halloween Eve





Working from found vintage and vernacular photographs, Lyle seamlessly colleges and composes works that harken back to 1950’s and 1960’s America – not as they were, but skewed and reimagined by the artist. Lyle’s painstakingly reductive painting process is a very crucial element to the evolution of his final images. Each piece is rendered using only black paint and turpentine. Lyle begins his process by priming a panel with white gesso. He then paints a thin, rich, oily black veneer over the primed panel, slowly and systematically developing his images by removing some of the black paint with a cloth. In doing so, Lyle renders layer upon layer of various values of black paint resulting in his signature style of luminescent works.


Punk Art Surrealist

Punk Art Surrealist Winston Smith, a master of “hand-carved” collage, has been crafting his thought-provoking art since the 1970’s. After being abroad for six years, Winston returned to America and was astonished by the complacency the American public exhibited towards the corporate domination in their society.  Winston began taking “safe” images from magazines and combining them to create politically charged works of art that challenge the viewer to confront incongruities and political paradoxes of modern society.

Smith first became known (and later beloved) for his collaborations with punk legends Dead Kennedys and his numerous album covers, inserts and flyers for the band in their formative years.  His technique of cutting out by hand and gluing each individual element has inspired a generation of artists.

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117 Grattan St #307, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA




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24" x 24", Black oil paint on wood panel, by David Lyle